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Petri Dishes with Alexandra Petri (April 27 | 11 a.m. ET)
Humor columnist Alexandra Petri takes your questions and comments on the news and political in(s)anity of the day.
Watch Moment SpaceX Rocket Successfully Launches NASA Astronauts to ISS
Astronauts representing Japan and the European Space Agency were also on-board the craft.
Cop seen on video punching handcuffed woman at least twice
Officers were called to L.A. suburb of Westminster about a run-in between an Asian and a Hispanic woman.
Clinton, Trump face off in final debate
Trump and Clinton are set to face off in the final presidential debate. CBS News congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes, CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett and Republican pollster Frank Luntz join CBSN to discuss what to expect from the campaigns and debate.
Newly unveiled ‘suicide by cop’ designation for congressional baseball shooting long opposed by survivors
Survivors of the 2017 Republican baseball practice shooting are appealing to FBI Director Christopher Wray to publicly declare the attack a case of domestic terrorism and say they never accepted that it was "suicide by cop."
Interview with president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund Cecile Richards
Women's issues and healthcare have been key issues on the 2016 campaign trail. President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund Cecile Richards joined CBSN's Elaine Quijano to discuss her perspective on these issues.
Instagram reactions to the election
CBSN has partnered with Instagram to bring our viewers updates from voters. Campaign digital journalist Sean Gallitz asked voters in North Carolina what they'd like to see from the candidates.
World's highest glass bridge in Zhangjiajie, China
Those with a fear of heights or crossing bridges might want to avoid a new attraction in Zhangjiajie, China. The Grand Canyon Glass Bridge there is the world's highest and longest, at 1,400 feet. Adriana Diaz reports.
Bunny attends baseball game and everyone is in love with it
We've seen dogs at football games. We've seen cats at NFL games. We've even seen alligators at golf courses.
New airline rules designed to benefit consumers
Millions board about 30,000 flights a day in the U.S., which adds up to a long list of complaints about airlines. The government is proposing new rules to address some of them. Kris Van Cleave reports.
Biden aims to make the economic case for fighting climate change on second day of virtual summit
President Joe Biden on Friday aims to highlight the economic opportunities of climate action a day after announcing an ambitious new goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at his Leaders Summit on Climate from the White House.
New drug offered to addicted inmates combats opioid epidemic
A new program fighting opiate addiction among inmates at a Kentucky jail combines the traditional tools of recovery, psychotherapy and 12-step support groups with a new drug, Vivitrol. It blocks the effects of opiates like heroin and morphine. Jim Axelrod reports.
Judy Heumann: Why Oscar-nominated 'Crip Camp' is a win for people with disabilities
Because of 'Crip Camp,' people want to learn more about the disability movement, and it is enabling those with disabilities to have our voices heard.       
Push to Mosul slowed to a crawl by homemade bombs
Iraqi and Kurdish forces heading towards Mosul have slowed to a crawl in the past 48 hours. When ISIS fled the village of Kabali on Monday, they left many of the houses rigged with homemade bombs. Holly Williams reports.
I am one of the lucky Afghan women, and Biden needs to consider what the looming withdrawal means
If it hadn't been for the U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, I wouldn't have had a chance to get an education or have basic human rights as a woman.       
Letters to the Editor: Don't think for a second that U.S. troops in Afghanistan sacrificed in vain
Some felt a call to duty after the 9/11 attacks. With the U.S. withdrawing from Afghanistan, these veterans deserve to be honored.
Editorial: Kids who kill deserve a chance at rehabilitation and release
The Supreme Court makes it easier for juveniles to be sentenced to life without parole
Heffernan: Mondale was a root canal compared to Reagan's show biz magic. Too bad we couldn't stand the pain
Joe Biden's "good government" could have come straight out of a Mondale-Ferraro campaign flier. It lost big in 1984. Maybe it'll do better this time.
Column: The Supreme Court debates the all-powerful F-word
The justices will consider a high school girl's Snapchat post. But it won't be the first time the court weighs whether the F-word is protected speech.
Biden Enlists Business World in Effort Against Climate Change
On the second day of the White House virtual summit to tackle the environmental crisis, business leaders including Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg take center stage.
Letters to the Editor: How corporations can save us from Republican vaccine refusers
Corporations are walking back their pledges not to donate to certain Republicans, so why not do it in a way that gets more people vaccinated?
House members discuss their bipartisan immigration bill
Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar and GOP Rep. John Katko are teaming up on a bill to address historically high numbers of migrants crossing the southern border into the U.S.
Arizona Republic responds to death threats for endorsing Clinton
When the Arizona Republic announced for the first time in its 126-year history that it was endorsing a Democrat, the paper and its personnel were bombarded with negative attacks and death threats. Lee Cowan reports on the backlash and how the paper responded.
How Biden's new U.S. climate target compares with those of California and world
Biden's plan to cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in half is slightly more aggressive than California's, and is among the world's most ambitious.
Letters to the Editor: Unless Judge Carter can end income inequality, he can't fix homelessness
Judge David O. Carter's order to shelter skid row residents is well-meaning, but it will not address the root causes of homelessness in the long term.
America Has Come a Long Way Since the Rodney King Beating | Opinion
Now that the trial of Derek Chauvin has resulted in the jury finding the former police officer guilty on three charges, we can see how far our nation has come since the Rodney King beating.
Sen. John Kennedy Brands Joe Biden 'Full Wokerista'
The Republican said the president was to the left of Soviet revolutionary Vladimir Lenin.
Second-grade teacher gives his students the gift of music
South Greenville Elementary teacher Michael Bonner's second-grade class created a rap music video to celebrate their love of reading, and it's going viral.
Hot flashes? It may be in your genes
New research from UCLA suggests genetics may determine which women suffer from hot flashes during menopause. CBS News' Chris Martinez reports.
Ivanka Trump discussses father's lewd comments
Ivanka Trump opened up about her father's lewd comments about women on a 2005 tape. Speaking at Fortune's Most Powerful Women conference, Trump said she found the comments "offensive" but defended her father, saying he apologized and that he was embarrassed. CBSN's Vlad Duthiers has the latest.