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Living | New York Post
Living | New York Post
Can I be let go from my job if I don’t feel safe going back to the office?
My employer wants us back in the office, but I don’t feel the conditions there are safe. They said if I don’t return, I’m abandoning my job. What are my options?
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Need a job? New York’s hospitality sector needs you!
According to the US Department of Labor Statistics, four in 10 jobs lost from February 2020 to February 2021 were in the leisure and hospitality industry.
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Enjoy your summer without getting eaten alive: 11 best bug zappers
If you want to enjoy your summer outside soaking up the sun and safely spending time with friends and family, you are going to need a device that effectively repels mosquitoes and other common bugs that make you itch. We’ve rounded up 11 items that you can wear, carry, or set down nearby to repel...
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Rio’s de Janeiro’s last wild macaw is lonely and looking for love
The last known wild macaw in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is so lonely she’s looking for love at the city’s zoo.
Inside the story of Keith Haring’s fridge, at auction with Madonna’s ‘tag’
Signed by downtown '80s legends from Madonna to Fab 5 Freddy, artist Keith Haring’s old icebox is ready to fetch a nice price at auction.
Former President Obama’s dog Bo dies
Former President Obama's dog Bo died Saturday, the ex-commander-in-chief revealed in a Twitter thread.
The best Mother’s Day gifts from local NYC small businesses
What do moms and NYC shops have in common? After this past year, they’re both deserving of some extra TLC. 
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Inside the Squishmallow craze: Why the plushies are so popular
The first time teen influencer Lexia Hayden saw a TikTok video featuring a Squishmallow plush stuffed animal, she knew she had to have one. “I love their faces, I love how soft they are and I think it’s so cool how on TikTok the videos always show how someone’s Squishmallow matches their room,” said Hayden,...
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The legendary Friars Club reopens with a fresh new look
Great bawls of Friars: You'll cry laughing at the nightclub's reopening. 
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The 2021 Michelin star restaurant ratings are utter BS
While nearly everyone has held off on star-ratings during the pandemic, Michelin has nonsensically forged ahead with its annual awards.  
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‘My life for his’: Thai mothers fight for activist children charged with insulting king

As authorities in Indonesia have locked up young protest leaders, their mothers have formed an unlikely alliance with each other as they seek freedom for their children.
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This interior designer is transforming sad pads for single dads
This divorced pop learned how to make his place pop! He did it with the help of Stacey Herman, founder of Stripe Street Studio, a home design firm that specializes in divorced dads. 
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Spanx bike shorts discounted 50% off for flash sale
If there's a sale on bike shorts, you bet your backside we're on top of it. Spanx is here to save summer, offering an unheard-of 50% off sale on every style of bike shorts in stock — for one day only.
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Take 20% off entire purchase during Anthropologie’s ‘Anthro Day’ sale
The May 7-9 sale includes 20% off your entire purchase for AnthroPerks members on categories including clothing, beauty and home items.
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